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Post Love is committed to elevating your patient's overall wellness and treatment experience by offering non-toxic products to put your patients biggest concerns to rest. 

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We only source the best USDA Certified Organic full spectrum CBD, non-toxic, and natural ingredients for both of our Faded & Fixed products. Our CBD is single sourced, hand planted and harvested from hemp in Colorado. It is then extracted without toxic solvents, using Supercritical CO2, and then distilled into a full spectrum CBD. 

All products, in even the best injector's hands, can leave your skin bruised, inflamed, and a little sore. Post Love has done the research to find just the right formulation to address these concerns. With USDA Certified Organic CBD and Arnica Flower as the pillars of FADED, our Post Injection Treatment, we are certain you will have A MUCH BETTER DOWNTIME. 

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