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LifeThreads fabric has a unique fluid barrier protective layer which repels liquids - they bead up and roll off rather than soaking into the fabric. In a hospital/ medical environment this is critical as it prevents staining, keeps the wearer fresher longer and lowers the frequency of laundering. Crucially, together with LifeThreads antimicrobial technology it works to reduce soft -surface contamination.


LIfeThread’s ultra -lightweight and comfortable fabric also has an EPA -registered antimicrobial layer built in to help prevent infections. Repeated testing has proven that LifeThreads textiles reduce bacterial concentrations on the surface of the fabric significantly.


Moisture wicking technology built into LifeThreads fabrics work 24/7 to keep you cool and comfortable in a fast moving and ever changing medical environment. This breathable fabric works to pull any excess moisture off the body to keep the wearer cooler and fresher longer than traditional blends. LifeThreads incorporates innovative technologies into our soft, comfortable and stylish apparel for healthcare professionals. LifeThreads fabrics are treated with an EPA -registered antimicrobial active ingredient and binding agents that protect the fabric from pathogens found in clinical settings while at the same time its fluid barrier layer blocks fluids and suppresses unwanted odors. LifeThreads continues to test and innovate its fabrics to ensure the best antimicrobial textiles in a healthcare setting.

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