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Replacement Pedicure Spa Parts Kit for PERLA Pedicure Spa tubs. 

Warranty: 1 Year

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 This parts KIT is just suitable to spa tub of PERLA Pedicure Chair (SKU: KAM-TUB-822), and can’t be used for SIENA Pedicure Chair (SKU: KAM-TUB-817) or ALESSI, ARROJO, FIOR, FLORENCE and SERENITY II SPA tubs (SKU: BAO***/SMB***). 



This Pedicure Spa Kit includes:

  • (1) x Pedicure Spa Plumbing – 3-Way Faucet (SKU: 00-XIT-FAUC-004) 
  • (2) x Fitting – I Connector (SKU: 00-XIT-FIT-007)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa Plumbing – Sprayer Hose (SKU: 00-XIT-HS-009)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa Plumbing – Drain Assembly (SKU: 00-XIT-DRNAS-006)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa Plumbing – Cold Hose 1/2F x 1/2F (SKU: 00-SSI-HS-5-C)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa Plumbing – Hot Hose 1/2F x 1/2F (SKU: 00-SSI-HS-5-H)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa Plumbing – Sprayer Head (SKU: 00-XIT-SPYHD-82)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa LED light (SKU: 00-XIT-LGHT-05)
  • (1) x Pedicure Spa LED Light Adapter (SKU: 00-XIT-ADPTR-05)
  • (2) x Control – Air Button (SKU: 00-XIT-CTRL-003)
  • (1) x 6 Feet PVC Tubing for Air Control Button (SKU: 00-XIT-PVC-63015) 

Shipping Countries: United States (US)

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Weight 3.49 kg
Dimensions 38.735 × 24.765 × 9.525 cm
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