Era Elite® Laser

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Deliver your best anti-aging and prejuvenation outcomes with a single device for groundbreaking epidermal renewal.

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Erase aging skin for patients aged 18 to 80


Take your anti-aging and prejuvenation results further. The Era Elite 300-microsecond laser helps you address aging in a completely new way. A custom-made approach to create new, younger skin, the immediate results are profound. The outcomes drive gratification to deliver a life-long patient and practice growth.

Era Elite® Treatments


The Era represents a new revolution in skin rejuvenation as a high-precision 2940nm laser that delivers high-fluence in a collimated beam, utilizing a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration.

The Era uniquely allows for independent depth of ablation of shallow or deep indications (plus, a non-ablative mode) within a treatment site, as well as precision targeting of difficult contours of the nose and periocular areas. These controlled pulses allow for full ablation of the epidermis without damaging the dermis, which eliminates pinpoint bleeding, oozing, and excessive amounts of downtime while still achieving the stunning results historically only seen with CO2 lasers. The Era operates without any per-treatment costs or consumables to keep your practice highly profitable.

Welcome to the Future


Your Patients Look Younger


The Era Elite by Aerolase is specifically designed to erase signs of aging and renew skin to a natural, youthful look. Purely aesthetic, the Era Elite is a completely new approach to skin resurfacing. It’s personalized to keep skin young—whenever or wherever signs of aging occur.

Performance Per Pulse

The Era Elite is a new class of resurfacing for entire facial areas or just precise areas of concern. The Era Elite is your magic wand to erase aging or damaged skin—it removes any concern no matter how big or small.

Taking Rejuvenation Results Further

For those starting their skin health journey or those seeking to push limits, the Era Elite pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for signs of aging. Combining it with Neo Elite unlocks unprecedented results.

Complete Epidermal Renewal with the Era Elite


Pure Rejuvenation and Results

The Era Elite is the single leading device-based solution for complete epidermal renewal addressing enlarged pores, sun damage and brown spots, scars and acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and overall skin quality. The results are unmatched. The patient experience is too.

Correct, Prevent, and Maintain

Prevent the signs of aging for patients, correct severe signs of aging, or anything in-between within a single treatment session. The Era Elite’s customizable settings let you manage the anti-aging needs for each individual patient.

Precision and Control

The Era Elite lets you precisely create the results your patients desire and completely control the outcomes your patients will rave about—even in the tightest contours of the face.

The Modern Resurfacing Experience

Outcomes rival fully ablative CO2 lasers with less patient recovery time than fractional devices. The Era Elite delivers the modern resurfacing experience for minimal patient recovery without compromising results.

 It’s not just an upgrade to addressing aging skin.

It’s a breakthrough to improving it.


Complete every resurfacing job—no matter how big or small.

Resurface entire facial areas, or, simply address specific concerns, the Era Elite is your magic eraser to complete every job—no matter how big or small. You’re completing the job as thoroughly as possible to create unmatched experiences and results. The Era makes it easy for everyone to see results in every pulse.

Powerful Alone, Better with Neo Elite®


Many (younger) patients come to a practice for injections of volume and toxins but many don’t see the disconnect to address skin quality. Era Elite is the ultimate complement to finishing the job of injections.

Power of a COwith portability of a chemical peel. The integration of technologies in the LightPod system design allows Neo Elite to blow away lasers many times its size—taking on skin concerns while eliminating up to 90 percent of the labor-intensive subsystems of previous generations.

Technical Specifications


Laser Type Er:YAG, pulsed
Wavelength 2940nm
Fluence Range up to 1,200 mJ
Pulse Width 300-microseconds
Beam Profile Up to 10mm
Power Source 115 VAC / 230 VAC, switchable
Internal Laser System Cooling Air Cooling (patented)
Complete Laser Size 7″ x 14″ x 19″ (15.2cm x 35.5cm x 48.3cm)
Weight approx. 23lb (11kg)
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