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Scalp Microbiome Exfoliating Mask

A physician-formulated exfoliating scalp mask with natural ingredients that eliminate impurities and preserve the scalp microbiome. Clinically shown to dissolve excess sebum and balance oil production, remove dirt and product build-up, and visibly improve dryness and flakiness.

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Build-Up Blocker

Recommended usage

Section dry or damp hair with the tip of the tube and apply mask directly to the scalp using enough to lightly cover the scalp. Next, lightly massage into the scalp with fingertips and leave in for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with water. Use 1-2 times per week for oily hair, or 2-3 times per week for dry hair. 


Dissolves excess sebum and balances oil production on the scalp1

Removes impurities and product build-up on the scalp1

Visibly improves an itchy, flaky scalp caused by dryness1

Promotes a healthy scalp for improved hair quality

Formulated without

Hormones, drugs, parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrance.

Exfoliate and detoxify your scalp microbiome.

What you see and feel:

Oily scalp and hair, dryness-induced flakiness and itchiness, or scalp build-up from styling products.




What is happening:

As a result of hormone imbalances, over-styling, product usage, dirt, and dust, your scalp and hair may experience an overgrowth of microbes that get trapped, clogging pores at the scalp and damaging hair.



How we address it:

Our scalp mask is a science-backed formula that works to dissolve excess sebum and remove product build-up without stripping the scalp. This helps to balance the scalp microbiome, cultivating the optimal ecosystem for improved hair health.


Control oiliness, dryness, and build-up— for your healthiest scalp and hair.

We’re serious about facts. Ask away.


Can I use Build-Up Blocker instead of Hair Growth Nutraceuticals?

Build-Up Blocker will not grow your hair. But, it will balance your scalp microbiome, cultivating the optimal ecosystem for healthy hair. We recommend using Scalp Microbiome Support products like Build-Up Blocker with your Hair Growth Nutraceuticals to optimize your hair health.

How do I know if Build-Up Blocker is right for me?

We recommend Build-Up Blocker if you have an oily scalp or regularly use dry shampoo or other styling products. Styling practices, product usage, pollution, and hormone imbalances can cause sebum build-up and clogged pores on the scalp, which can lead to damaged hair.

How do I use Build-Up Blocker?

Apply Build-Up Blocker to wet or dry hair before shampooing. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse out with water. We recommend using 1-2 times a week for oily hair, or 2-3 times a week for dry hair.

Is Build-Up Blocker safe to use if I have a sensitive scalp or sensitive skin? What about if I am sensitive to fragrances?

This formula has been clinically tested on users with sensitive scalps and is formulated with natural ingredients and natural fragrance. If you have a sensitive scalp, we recommend doing a patch test before incorporating the products into your hair wellness routine.

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