Partner Plan

$ 250.00

Discovery & Expectations Call
With Training Engineer
Create a Project Plan for Your Onboarding
30 Day Access to Self-Paced
eLearning Portal
Learning Paths for
Administrators, Staff & Providers
45-Minute Inventory & Charting
Build Your Inventory and Apply Charting & Traceability Functions
45-Minute Appointments & Services
Create Your Clinic Schedule and Services, Attach Clinical Documents, and Master Patient Check-In Functions
45- Minute Business Suite & Financial
Services Training
Build Membership Programs, Promotions and Discounts,
Learn the Patient Wallet, Checkout Functionality and
Business Insights Reporting
1 - Hour End-to-End Process Flow
Ensure Your Providers, Staff and Administrators are Comfortable with Features from Check-In to Checkout
1 Day(s) Return Policy

All payment obligations under this Agreement are non-cancelable and all Fees paid are non-refundable.
Setup and Subscription Fees are paid in advance by charging your approved credit or debit card(s) or bank account(s)

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