Six-Step Mindful Self-Compassion Self-Care Practice

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A global pandemic and weeks of cloudy, rainy days. Disrupted schedules and financial concerns. Questions without answers. What a time we’re living in. My hope is that you are practicing self-compassion for yourself and your loved ones during this period. We know that emotional, physical, and mental pain occurs in all lives AND that the human tendency is to 
1. Try to fix it, 
2. Ignore it, 
3. Hyper-focus on it,
 4. Become incapacitated by it, or 
5. Lose our groundedness. 

There are other responses for sure; we all find ways to cope. Not all methods of coping are beneficial which is why I want to highlight the value of self-compassion. Self-compassion asks us to turn toward our pain and offer ourselves kindness for the pain we’re experiencing. If we can do this even just a little, we retain more reserves to handle what is at hand. What is kindness for you? Perhaps some soothing touch, conversations with loved ones (by phone, Skype, apps), having gratitude for the bounty of what we do have, meditation, asking ourselves what we most truly need emotionally right now. 

When we take care of ourselves emotionally, it becomes easier to make better decisions on our own behalf. We will be more likely to eat better, find creative ways to get exercise, do things for others that provides a sense of purpose at a time when many of us are feeling unprepared and inept to deal with our current reality. PAIN IS INEVITABLE; SUFFERING IS NOT. Suffering is the result of resisting the pain that is inevitable – and currently with us all. It’s also important to remember this: GIVE YOURSELF GRACE WHEN YOU AREN’T ABLE TO PRACTICE SELF-COMPASSION!

Six-Step Mindful Self-Compassion Self-Care  Practice is one of the self-compassion practices I teach in the Mindful Self-Compassion classes: Finding Loving Kindness Phrases.Download it today!
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