FREE 13-Week Cash Flow and Burn Rate Planner

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Skytale Group is offering a FREE 13 Week Cash Flow and Burn Rate Planner to help you answer these following questions:

1) How long do I have until I close my doors? Burn Rate Model allows you to input your cash balance or available cash, revenues, and expenses to project dates to better support your decision making. 

2) How will I pay my bills? The Cash Flow Model will help you manage your overall expenses, especially if you operate a larger clinic, MSO, or franchise. You will gain insight on how to better conserve your cash. 

3) How will I pay my employees? The Burn Rate Model and Cash Flow Model will help you strategize payroll to determine who to keep, who to lay off / term, or furlough.

When you download the free 13 Week Cash Flow and Burn Rate Planner, a Skytale team member will reach out to you to further help determine what you can do to keep business afloat. They will further support with strategies when calling credit card companies and lenders, discussing putting off payments with landlords, and slow pay or partial pay vendors.
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