DT2 Skin Resurfacing System

$ 12,900.00

From the inventors of the Original Diamond tip microdermabrasion system, The Diamondtome, comes the next evolution in Microdermabrasion technology, the DT2.
This system is the first and only in the world to combine the patented Diamondtome wands with a product infusion system. This unique set up allows you to properly exfoliate the skin with the traditional “dry” microdermabrasion, and follow up with the Hydroplus product infusion system.
Competing “wet” microdermabrasion systems don’t have the ability to deeply and evenly exfoliate the skin because of the lack of friction and abrasion. They can also carry high consumable costs and have outrages licensing agreements. The DT2 allows you to use their amazing product line, or your own, without altering your warranty or the function of the system.
The Hydro wand on the DT2 pulls pure serums, not watery solutions, deep into the epidermis for a much better absorption of the product providing outstanding results. Whether it’s acne, hyperpigmentation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles or just maintenance, the DT2 provides superior results when compared to the competition.
The system features a light weight durable stainless steel body, with a durable rubber shell. It comes with 6 Diamondtome patented wands with varying degrees of coarseness and three HydraWands for product infusion. The system is strong enough for aggressive treatments and has the precision to show restraint when treating more sensitive or aged skin.
Whether you’re looking for your first Microdermabrasion Machine or looking to add an exciting new treatment to your business to increase revenue, this system is an excellent choice.
The DT2 Console System includes:
  • Model DM5002A Console
  • 6 DiamondTome™ Wands
  • 1 DN75 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Fine
  • 2 DN100 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Medium
  • 1 DN125 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Coarse
  • 1 DN175 DiamondTome ™ Round Tip X-Coarse
  • 1 DC30 – 100 DiamondTome™ Contoured Body Wand Medium
  • 4 T2000 Tube Sets with 50 Single Use Filter Discs and Brush
  • 1 F4001 Combo Hepa Filter
  • 2 Hydro Wands
  • 1 HYAR75 Fine Tip 12mm
  • 1 HYA00 Smooth Tip 19 mm
  • 2 Flexible Hydro Tubing Sets
  • 2 Hydro Collection Canisters
  • 1 HydroSerum 4 Pack
  • 1 ESR100 Endozime Plus Cleaning Solution
  • 100 HPB 100 HydroPlus Client Brochures 100 pack
  • 1 TTD100 8 x 10 Table Top Poster
  • 1 BB100 Brass brush – Autoclavable
  • 1 TWZ100 Tweezers
  • 1 CD100 Information and Training CD
  • 1 Waiting Room DVD
  • 1 Hospital Grade Power Cord
  • Console Warranty – 3 years
  • DiamondTome™ Wand Warranty – 2 years
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