Hydro Wand Kit

$ 1,995.00

Now you can easily do product infusion with this simple add on. The HydroPlus system is a great way to increase your revenue at a fraction of the cost of the competitors.Wands: Choice of 3
1 HYA00 Smooth Tip 19mm
1 HYA75 Fine Tip 19mm
1 HYA100 Medium Tip 19mm
1 HYAR00 Smooth Tip 12mm
1 HYAR75 Fine Tip 12mm
1 HYAR100 Medium Tip 12mm
3 Flexible Tubing
150 Single Use Application Pad
3 Small Round Brush
6 Vacuum Stem Assembly Cleaner
2 Hydro Collection Canister
1 Hydro Collection Canister Stand
1 Tweezers
1 HydroSerums™ Kit (Includes all 4 HydroSerums™)
• Acne
• Deep Hydration
• Even Tone
• Vitamin C
1 Brass Brush
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