Flawless Sulfate Free Cleanser **LIMITED TIME 15% OFF**

$ 13.60

Limited Time 15% OFF (originally $16.00)

This gentle cleanser exfoliates and purifies the skin with salicylic and next-generation alpha-hydroxy flower acids. Remove oil, debris, and make-up without the harsh, stripping effects of foaming agents (SLS, SLES). The result is skin that is clear, flawless, and balanced.

All our products are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free and Synthetic Fragrance-free

Indications: Normal, oily, acne prone, sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, sunspots, rosacea, wrinkles, aged skin 

2% Salicylic Acid– The Flawless Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is an absolute wizard at preventing clogged pores and purifying the skin. To boot, our BHA concentration will help to smooth fine lines/wrinkles, reduce inflammation, and stimulate new cell growth.

Daisy Flower Extract– Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause overproduction of melanin, which leads to pigmentation or discoloration. This becomes more obvious as we age. Daisy flower extract can block the formation of melanin, effectively preventing pigmentation or dark spots.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract– This next generation active works overtime as both a gentle exfoliator and a supercharged booster of hydration levels within the skin. Even better, this acid does it all without causing irritation (effective even on sensitive skin types.)

Totarol– The Totora tree, used for centuries by the Māori people for its healing properties, is one of New Zealand’s great ecological wonders. Its bioactive compounds have been shown to be powerfully effective as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, pore minimizer, skin lightener, and age-defying constituent.
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