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A powerfully effective, professional-grade product, Global à Peel was designed specifically for
oily and problematic skin. Use it regularly to purify clogged pores, remove toxins, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a balanced, hydrated, and rejuvenated look.

All our products are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free and Synthetic Fragrance-free

Indications: Normal, oily, problematic 

Lactic Acid– A multi-tasking, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Lactic Acid performs expertly as a non-friction exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation. At the same time, it promotes cellular renewal, increases hydration, works to prevent congestion, and improves pigmentation.

Glycolic Acid– A derivative of sugarcane, Glycolic Acid is considered the “holy grail” for exfoliation. It’s a proven and effective resurfacing agent that reverses sun damage and skin discoloration, minimizes scarring, and reverses the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles.)

Salicylic Acid– This Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is an absolute wizard at preventing clogged pores and purifying the skin. To boot, our BHA concentration will help to smooth fine lines/wrinkles, reduce inflammation, and stimulate new cell growth.

Osilift®– Osilift ® is 100% natural and is extracted from cleaned avena seeds. This proven anti-wrinkling ingredient provides and instant “tensing” that results in a lifting and smoothing effect on the skin. 
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