miRing™ USA (15% OFF)

$ 211.65

EXCLUSIVE Aesthetic Record User Offer at 15% OFF (Originally $249)

The miRing™, an innovative medical injector ring, is an FDA registered, patent-pending, high quality, anti-microbial silver ring device. miRing™ can be used with 99% of per-package aesthetic syringes on the market and up to a 5cc BD syringe. miRing™ gives the injector the ability to make a one-handed aspiration which improves safety and accuracy. No shaky hands, no second-guessing proper placement and most of all, no switching hands to aspirate.  Adapter for small BD botox syringes sold separately.

miRing can be molded around the thumb for a comfortable, secure, ad beautiful fit. Fitz approx ring size 5-10.

Package includes one sterling silver ring,  jewelry pouch, set of two adapters for small BD botox syringes. Ships only in US.

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