treatment for AHA peels

  • Transcend Pluri Peel – 4oz Glycolic Acid Peel

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop

    Transcend Pluri Peel – 4oz Glycolic Acid Peel

    Does your practice offer chemical peels?
    Of course it does! That’s like asking, “does your practice like to make money?”
    The average cost per treatment for AHA peels is $125. This data point is taken directly from, (note: it has a 100% “worth it rating” too, that’s unheard of).
    You should be able to get about 35 treatments out of a 4oz bottle. If my math is right (and it never is, so you should check my work), that’s $4,375 in revenue per bottle!
    Spend $129 to earn $4,375… no brainer!
    You just better hope your clients don’t find this page and buy it for themselves…
    Just kidding, this product is for professional use only.

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