Portable Ultrasonic Exfoliation

  • Sonic Skin Scrubber

    Sold By: Advance Lashes
    • 24khz high frequency vibration can deeply clean the black head, White head, Dead skin and impurities in the pores,
    • Adhere to use, And make the skin surface more elastic and glossy.
    • Safe and easy to operate, Skin cleaning with water first, Hot compress the face for five minutes, With the correct use of skin cleaner guide, One key to open and switch different modes, To create a perfect skin.
    • With four modes. Ultrasonic nursing, Lifting and tightening, Ion introduction, Ion export. Short press the key to switch at will, Make the most suitable choice for your skin, Dredge pores, Purify blackhead and improve skin.
    • Please use our products according to the manual.

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