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  • The Complete Guide to BOTOX® Injections

    Sold By: MD Spa Shop

    This instructional DVD demonstrates how to use BOTOX® to achieve the cosmetic effects that clients are seeking. It is now the number one non-surgical cosmetic procedure for both men and women. Cosmetic surgeon, Dolores Kent, M.D., demonstrates how to perform popular cosmetic treatments for horizontal forehead lines, glabellar frown lines, temporal brow lift, lateral canthal lines (crow’s feet), lower lids, nasalis (bunny lines), depressor anguli oris (marionette lines), vertical lip lines, gummy smile, mentalis (dimpled chin), horizontal neck lines, and vertical platysmal bands. She also discusses contraindications and precautions, injection guidelines, facial and neck anatomy, and how to store and reconstitute BOTOX®. (1 Hr. 55 Mins.)

    Received 2009 Silver Davey Award. Featured in Skin Inc. Magazine, Feb. 2009

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