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    Discharge Pump Kit For Nail Salon Pedicure Spa 


    • Pedicure spa or chair discharge pump kit – for pedicure spas and nail salons
    • Necessary for spas that are drained into the wall of your salon (not needed for floor-drained spas)
    • Minor assembly required
    • Fits Most Pedicure Spas

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    A Large Capacity Polish Rack to Easily Mount to Any Salon Wall


    As part of the Sonoma Collection, the Sonoma Double Polish Rack comes with brushed aluminum accents and a gloss white veneer over a hardwood structure. The 6 double tiered shelves allow you display up to 360 polish colors. The rack itself can easily be mounted to any wall and the rack comes with all accessories needed to mount. 


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    DERMALOGIC Towel Steamer 120


    The Dermalogic Towel Steamer 120 is built for Professional use in Massage Spa Centers, Barber shops, Beauty salons, and Nail Salons. This towel steamer fits 120 towels at a time to sanitize them all at once and have them ready for full-body wraps, massages, facials and other services. You can also do smaller loads to have warm towels when you need them for specific appointments. You can heat the towels from 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The automatic shut-off feature keeps this machine safe, while sanitized towels allow you to follow health and safety standards. Plus, this steamer holds plenty of water at once and lights up when you need a refill. Three shelves help you maximize space and a clear window allows you to check on the towels. The unit stands to 18 inches long by 16 inches wide by 27 inches high. This steamer is perfect for medium to large sized salons and spas.


    This hot towel steamer can also be used to steam and warm massage rocks and implements in addition to towels if so desired. The Dermalogic brand has grown to become one of the most well known in the salon facial and skin treatment equipment industry and for good reason. 


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    A Large, White and Grey Accented Manicure Nail Table


    An essential piece of equipment for professional nail salons, we have extended the single NOVA I Manicure Table to allow two technicians to work their magic simultaneously while helping you save space at only 72.5 inches in length and up to 50% savings of furniture investment for buying 2 single nail tables. This double manicure table features a luxurious marble countertop and sumptuously padded wrist rests.


    Resistant to stains and scratches, there’s no need to worry about spilling acetone on its easy-to-clean surface. The solid frame has been made to last; expertly crafted from premium quality wood that won’t be weathered by seasonal temperature changes or repetitive use. It is complete with multiple storage compartments to offer plenty of space for all the essential tools and products while giving you easy access to provide an efficient and speedy service.


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    A White and Grey Large Triple Manicure Nail Table


    A more economical solution to buying two singles, we have extended the NOVA | Manicure Table even further to allow up to three technicians to work their magic simultaneously. Great for larger spaces and businesses that are looking to expand, the triple manicure table features the same luxurious marble countertop and sumptuously padded wrist rest features as the double, comfortably seating 3 clients while your technicians work their magic.

    Like the rest of the NOVA I Manicure Table collection, the multiple storage compartments offer plenty of space for essential tools and products, while the easy-to-clean, resistant surface means there’s no need to worry about acetone spillages. Adding class and function to your salon, the solid frame is made to last and expertly crafted from premium quality wood that won’t be weathered by seasonal temperature changes or repetitive use. An elegant addition to any salon, upgrade your table and increase client capacity to provide efficient and speedy service.


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    A Deluxe Nail Dryer Table for Nail Salons


    The Sonoma Bentley nail dryer table is a must have for your upscale salon! The off white granite, with multi shades of beige and grey, and the brushed aluminum accent proves to look very elegant with the stark white of the table. Built for 2, this is perfect for girlfriends to chat as the nails are drying.


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    A Double Sided Polish & Powder Rack for Nail Salons that Need High Capacity


    The Sonoma double sided cabinet is a great way to display all of your polish and powders! Six tiered shelves, with clear acrylic lip, allows your customer to view the powder and polish combinations together. The cabinet has the convenience of 6 individual drawers, on 1 side, for storing your extra products.


    Each of the 3 top drawers are divided in 5 rows for your extra powders and the 3 bottom drawers are divided in 8 rows for your extra polish. It can hold up to 204 polish bottles & 126 powder jars.


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