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  • Cynosure Elite MPX

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    This 209 Cynosure Elite MPX comes with a Yag handpiece with 272,713 pulses.


    The Cynosure Elite MPX is a complete aesthetic workstation. It combines the two gold standard wavelengths for hair removal for both light and dark skin patients respectively: the 755 alexandrite and the 1064 Nd:Yag. These two wavelengths are also very effective at treating all kinds of pigmented lesions as well as vascular lesions.


    The Cynosure Elite is fast, versatile, effective and intuitive. It’s a laser we recommend if you are starting a Medical Spa or Aesthetic spa and need to offer a variety of treatments to diversify your business and give you a great opportunity at a big return on your investment.


    The Cynosure Elite MPX also allows you to add an IPL onto the unit so that you can perform photo facials; another great revenue generator in the industry.


    One our favorite features that the Elite MPX offers is the ability to use both the 755 alexandrite and the 1064 Nd:Yag in one treatment seamlessly with Cynosure’s Mutiplex technology. This advanced technology allows you to treat customers that may be in the middle of the Fitzpatrick scale more effectively.


    Another great attribute of this system is its integrated chiller cooling system. With this system, there is now no need for another bulky cooling device taking up vital space in your practice. Not to mention, it eliminates the need for expensive cryogen spray which eats into your profit margins.


    The Cynosure Elite MPX comes standard with an 18mm spot size and up to a 24mm spot size making this system optimal for businesses that want to get their clients in and out and on with their lives.


    For all of these reasons the Cynosure Elite MPX is one of our most popular lasers and is rarely in stock for long because of the high demand on these units.


    Please contact for price.

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