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    Replacement part basket for DERMALOGIC Salon Towel Warmer – Single.


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    Replacement part Basket for DERMALOGIC Towel Warmer 30.


    ONLY fits with this towel warmer below from Dermalogic. It is 12.5″ wide, 4.5″ tall, and 12″ deep.



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    Elegant and contemporary massage oil warmer!  The Dermalogic warmer, with cherry wood laminate container, brushed aluminum bottle, and stainless steel pump top, will maintain 8.5 oz of your massage oil / lotion at a temperature of 140F (60C).  A must have for the professional masseuse!

  • Portable Ultrasonic Ultrasound Massage

    Portable Ultrasonic Ultrasound Massage

    Relax muscles, calm inflammation and increase blood circulation with a Portable Ultrasonic Massager from Source One Beauty. The handheld device is easy to use and has an ergonomic design for greater comfort. The modestly sized massage head is great for targeting smaller areas or individual muscles and is perfect for personal use. When the ultrasound function is activated, the massager emits a special vibration that penetrates deeply to work better than standard massage devices.

    The Portable Ultrasonic Massager comes with a power adapter, so you’ll never have to worry about the batteries running out. The adapter plugs into the end of the unit, on the opposite end of the massage head, so it won’t get in the way during use. Order a Portable Ultrasonic Massager to relieve stress and strain from traveling or for at-home massage sessions.


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    The Dermalogic Stone Heater 6 Quart heats your spa’s massage stones to just the right temperature for the skin. It is created specially for our Polish Stone Sets, with a 6-quart capacity. You fill the bowl with cold water, place the stones inside the heater, put on the lid and the double steel pan keeps the stones evenly heated with no heat loss. Clear buttons make this heater easy to set to the ideal temperature. For small spas or sporadic stone massage appointments, choose the small 6-quart stone heater.


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    A Massage Stone Heater with Style and Function


    The Dermalogic Massage Stone Heater & Warmer with Digital Display is a great combination of style and utility. This warmer comes with an easy to read digital display and can hold up to 90 medium (2″ x 1″) sized spa stones. To operate the massage stone heater, all that is needed is to place a bowl with cold water under the inner pan, place the stones inside the stone heater, and put on the lid to contain the heat. This spa stone heater works great as a compact unit to be used sporadically or throughout the day as you have new spa appointments. 


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    The Dermalogic Sterilizer comes in a compact 14-inch long by 8-inch wide by 9.5-inch high design to fit in a small salon. You have two shelves to hold combs, scissors, cuticle pushers and other hair and nail tools. The UV germicidal lamp sterilizes all your equipment to take away your customers concerns about spa and salon equipment. You can even see your tools through the door as they sterilize and the machine turns off when you open the door. Keep your small salon up to health and safety standards with this compact, low-cost option.


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    Our towel warmers are perfect for small to moderately-sized salons and spas. Their multiple shelves efficiently hold many towels at a time making it easy for you to enhance your guests experience.


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    A Single Cabinet Salon Towel Warmer for Small or Home Salons


    The Dermalogic Salon Towel Warmer Single is a compact salon towel warmer that accommodates up to 15-24 towels.  Built-in automatic thermostat makes for constant temperature around 176°F to 185°F and prevents overheating. This compact unit help to keep your nail, hair, or spa salon customers happy with consistently warm towels. This unit is designed to look sleek and fit in seamlessly with any salon environment. If you’re looking for a larger capacity towel warmer, just check out the Double. 


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    A Stainless Steel Salon Towel Warmer with 20 Towel Capacity


    The 20L stainless steel towel warmer is designed to fit best in moderately-sized salons and spas. This towel warmer heats to the optimal temperature every time and includes an auto-shutoff feature for safety. With multiple racks it can efficiently hold many towels at a time making it easy for you to enhance your salon guests’ experience. As an added feature, this product uses UV light to sterilize the towels to keep your guests safe and your space clean and sterile. 


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    The DERMALOGIC Towel Warmer Cabinet – Double is a compact hot towel warmer cabinet that accommodates up to 30-48 towels. It features a built-in thermostat set to keep hot towels at a temperature range between 176°F to 185°F to help prevent overheating. This hot towel warmer features a towel warmer rack in each of its two separate compartments. The Dermalogic electric towel warmer is ideal for spa salons, nail salons, beauty salons, and barber shops.


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    A Extra-large Capacity Towel Warming Cabinet with Stainless Steel


    Latest in the Dermalogic Towel Warmer line comes the 40L, a double door stainless steel towel warmer with extra large capacity. Designed for moderately-sized to large salons and spas, this is the larger capacity version of the popular 20L. This towel warmer features separate controls for the top and bottom cabinet so they can be operated independently. Each cabinet of this towel warmer heats to the optimal temperature every time and includes an auto-shutoff feature for convenience and safety. When fully loaded, this double towel warmer can hold up to 40 spa-size towels. As an added feature, this product uses UV light to sterilize the towels to keep your guests safe and your space clean and sterile. This towel warmer fits seamlessly in with salons that do massages, facials, spa salons, beauty salons, nail salons, gyms, home use and commercial use.


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    The Most Popular Towel Steamer By Dermalogic


    The Dermalogic Towel Steamer 48 is known as a must-have for moderately sized salons, barbers, and spas. It has two shelves to hold up to 48 towels at a time to steam and sanitize them so they’re ready for many types of spa treatments to enhance your guests’ experience. Simply place towels in the steamer and they come out hot and steaming at your desired temperature.


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    DERMALOGIC 72 Towel Steamer


    The high capacity Dermalogic 72 Towel Steamer is good fit for medium to large salons and spas that need steamed towels on a consistent basis. This convenient steamer can hold 72 towels at once on two shelves and heat them to 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on whether you want to warm them or sanitize them. The indicator light will let you know when you need more water and the auto shut-off feature provides added safety. The Dermalogic 72 towel steamer is what makes the difference between a good salon experience and a great one.


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    DERMALOGIC Towel Steamer 120


    The Dermalogic Towel Steamer 120 is built for Professional use in Massage Spa Centers, Barber shops, Beauty salons, and Nail Salons. This towel steamer fits 120 towels at a time to sanitize them all at once and have them ready for full-body wraps, massages, facials and other services. You can also do smaller loads to have warm towels when you need them for specific appointments. You can heat the towels from 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The automatic shut-off feature keeps this machine safe, while sanitized towels allow you to follow health and safety standards. Plus, this steamer holds plenty of water at once and lights up when you need a refill. Three shelves help you maximize space and a clear window allows you to check on the towels. The unit stands to 18 inches long by 16 inches wide by 27 inches high. This steamer is perfect for medium to large sized salons and spas.


    This hot towel steamer can also be used to steam and warm massage rocks and implements in addition to towels if so desired. The Dermalogic brand has grown to become one of the most well known in the salon facial and skin treatment equipment industry and for good reason. 


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    A Towel Steamer for Salons that Need Higher Capacity


    If you need an industrial towel steamer to fit the needs of your salon or spa, the DERMALOGIC 180 Towel Steamer will fit your needs. This steamer can hold up to 180 towels at one time on separate shelves. The large water reservoir means you won’t have to refill it constantly, and the indicator light lets you know when it needs refilling. This unit keeps your spa following safety standards by sanitizing towels and automatically shutting off. You can choose temperatures of 140 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for massages, facials and other treatments.


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    A High Capacity Salon Towel Steamer by Dermalogic


    Having enough hot, steamed and sterilized towels available for customers is essential for salons and spas to keep the customers happy and also for you to maintain a clean and safe salon.


    This hot towel steamer has separate shelves that can store and steam 361 towels at a time ensuring that you always have warm hand and face towels for your clients.

    The stainless-steel face and hand towel steamer is compact and takes very little floor space, making it the ideal salon equipment and towel steamer & warmer for barber shops, nail salons, restaurants, and many more businesses.


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    DERMALOGIC 360 Towel Steamer


    Never ever run out of fresh, sterilized towels even on your busiest days. The Dermalogic 360 Towel Steamer is designed for large salons and spas that need a continuous supply of warm and sterilized towels.

    With this hot towel warmer steamer, you can steam three hundred and sixty spa towels at a time giving you a near endless supply of hot towels for your business. The steamer features two different compartments and separate shelves for you to store the towels.


    Unlike the smaller towel steamers using a water reservoir to sterilize the towels, the large capacity towel steamer Dermalogic 360 can be hooked up to the water supply line. The machine automatically monitors the water level in the tank and refills it when necessary.  It also has a low water warning indicator for additional safety. Its insulated walls ensure energy efficiency and keep the outer surfaces cool to touch.


    This automatic hot towel steamer allows you to set temperature from 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once done, the steamer shuts off automatically, keeping your towels warm for hours.

    If you run a large or medium-sized busy beauty, hair or nail salon, spa, massage spa or a barber shop, the Dermalogic 360 Towel Steamer is the perfect salon appliance for you.




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    The Largest Capacity Towel Steamer Available from Dermalogic – 480 Towels


    Looking for a commercial-grade towel steamer? This is the largest Dermalogic towel steamer which can steam and sterilize 480 towels at a time. Multiple shelves within the steaming chamber make it easy to stack the towels for steaming.  This industrial sized towel steamer comes in an attractive and easy-to-clean stainless-steel finish.


    Vertical build ensures that the hot towel steamer takes very little of precious floor space in your spa or salon. The walls of the towel steamer are properly insulated to save energy and keep the exterior walls cool to the touch even when the steamer is on to ensure safety at all times.  


    The Dermalogic 480 towel steamer warmer comes with all the standard features a professional salon will want. 


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