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    Maintain health standards and ensure your clients a safe environment by sanitizing all your salon and spa equipment in the Dermalogic UV Sanitizer. This machine uses a UV light to sanitize hair equipment like scissors and clippers, and manicure and pedicure tools like cuticle pushers. Within a space of 16 inches long by 16 inches wide by 10 inches high, you have two shelves to line up your tools and maximize space, and the shelves pull out so you can easily organize your tools. Choose this over-one-cubic-foot version to sanitize a large number of tools at once.


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    KELLY Saddle Multi-Purpose Salon Stool/ Home Stool with Wheels


    The Kelly Esthetician Saddle Stool provides expert support to your body so you can take care of yourself while you’re taking care of others. For not much more of an investment than a standard stool, you get ergonomically-designed back and seat cushions to keep you comfortable and pain-free from one appointment to the next. This esthetician saddle stool adjusts from 20.5 to 28 inches so you can prevent shoulder and neck strain no matter your height or the height of your facial bed. This esthetician saddle stool also features a polished chrome ring to rest your feet on and wheels to help you roll from your supplies to your client and back again. Look the part of an esthetician and take care of your body by choosing this expertly-designed esthetician saddle stool.

  • Dayton Pedicure Stool by Mayakoba

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    A Short Rolling Pedicure Stool with Solid Steel Construction


    The Dayton Short Pedicure Stool is an elegant and sophisticated salon equipment option offering the flexibility you need to get in the right position to serve your clients. Upholstered with soft acetone-resistant vinyl, this mobile Pedi stool features a firm, padded memory foam back and seat cushion for superior comfort lasting the entire duration of each of your appointments. Adjustable from 13 to 15 inches, the stool is short, low-to-the-ground so you’ll be at just the right height to comfortably create perfect pedicures. The base comes finished with polished chrome and includes 5 easy roll-about castors. 

    Colors available: Black, White, Coffee, Cappuccino, Burgundy, Red, Cashmere, and Storm Grey.

  • Terrell Universal Salon Stool by Berkeley

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    A Simple and Useable Designed Rolling Salon Stool


    Beauty salon stools, salon equipment, furniture salon stools.


    If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-maneuver salon stool to use during facials, choose the Terrell Salon Stool. Since this stool can adjust from 19 to 25 inches, you can comfortably sit next to your client on a facial bed whether the person is lying down or sitting up. The padded cushion helps you maintain your comfort level while you’re performing a facial and its acetone-resistant vinyl cover will guard against stains. The five-wheel castors provide stability and help you easily slide from your supplies to your client’s side. Without a back or armrests, you can easily roll this stool under a table and out of the way. Choose your salon stool in black for a classic, understated style or stark white for a modern, fresh look.


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    A Professional Nail Salon Customer Chair


    Built completely for customer comfort it offers great back and leg support and easily reclines for customer customization. The extra padding and sleek vinyl leather makes for a cozy seat while offering a fresh style for any type of salon. The armrests put the customers hands in the perfect position for manicures during their session. If an exclusive, upscale impression is the look you want to achieve for your nail salon, the butterscotch coloring and exquisite detailing of the Avion Nail Customer Chair will do all the impressing while you get all the credit.


    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    A Rolling Salon Service Tray


    Choose a service tray that will stand the test of time with the Bailey Aluminum Salon Rolling Tray. This well-crafted salon rolling tray features a stain resistant aluminum tray, sturdy steel stand, and five smooth rolling casters. This combination of high-end material is both functional and attractive; it will match almost any design scheme. The star shaped base complete with five smooth rolling wheels enables you to migrate from one end of your space to the other with ease. The stand is also adjustable which lets you to adapt to any situation, whether sitting or standing. Make this salon service tray a great addition to your salon today.


    **Appliance holder sold separately.**




    Sold By: Shop Salon City

    Our best selling all purpose hydraulic salon chair, the Herman features premium upholstery and versatility with a 50 degree recline and fully adjustable height. The curved arms, arcing lines and sleek finish give the chair a sophisticated look while also providing client comfort. The adjustable headrest and extra cushion built into the back and seat lets clients relax and enjoy the salon experience.


    This durable all purpose hydraulic salon chair adjusts from 18 to 24 inches and will support up to 350 pounds. If you’re looking for an artful way to pamper those you serve, this all purpose chair delivers on all fronts. 

  • Spa Numa SWIVEL OB-GYN Fully Electric Treatment Table With Stirrups 4 Motors Gray

    The SWIVEL OB-GYN is a very versatile bed. There are 4 motors that control the height, backrest, leg-rest and seat inclination. The bed can sit at a 90° angle and can also lay flat. The armrests are reversible and the headrest can be extended. The headrest also has a removable cushion that reveals a facial hole. The bed itself can be lowered very close to the floor and can rotate 240°.


    This treatment chair is perfect for any esthetic procedures, pre or post-op evaluations, outpatient surgeries and fat-reduction procedures. It is one of the most versatile treatment chairs on the market. It is also a very comfortable chair to be in for extended periods of time.


    In addition, there’s a reset button on the back that brings the chair to a seated position without having to hold down any buttons. So, when the doctor, nurse or esthetician is working, they don’t need to fumble around with a remote control.


  • Spa Numa MILANO Medical Grade 4-Motor Treatment Bed With Foot Pedals Available in 3 Colors

    This Heavy-duty treatment bed/chair comes with 4 motors that control:


    • Vertical lift for height
    • Backrest
    • Footrest
    • Tilt

    Available in White, Dark Gray and Sand

    Standard hand remote is included to control all functions including the reset and lock features. The built-in foot pedal controls are located at the base on both sides and they control the height, backrest and footrest. The RESET button brings the chair to a seated position in the lowest setting to make it easier to get on and off the chair. The armrests can swing out of the way and be removed if desired. There is also a LOCK button that will disable all functions to prevent inadvertently moving the chair during a procedure.

  • hMSC Travel/Trial His

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    10 ml’s each of:

    1. SERUM

    2. AMPLIFY

  • hMSC Travel/Trial Hers

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    10 ml’s each of:

    1. SERUM

    2. AMPLIFY

    3. BOOST

  • hMSC Amplify featuring hMSC technology

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    A Powerhouse of Innovative Ingredients featuring ????MSC technology, DNA Repair Enzymes, Targeting Peptides, & potent Antioxidants to help Repair, Renew, Protect, & Brighten.


    Apply after ????MSC SERUM. Follow with ????MSC BOOST.

    Use AM and/or PM

    Always use sunblock.

    May feel warming sensation.


    Paraben. Fragrance. Cell. Cruelty FREE

  • hMSC Serum featuring hMSC technology

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    A silky, fast absorbing Innovative Serum containing ????MSC technology and a potent blend of Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients including Peptides that target skin Elasticity & Collagen Production, Antioxidants and 2 chains of Hyaluronic acid resulting in Smoother, Firmer, more Radiant Skin!


    Apply to clean skin

    AM and/or PM


    Paraben. Fragrance. Cell. Cruelty FREE

  • hMSC Boost featuring MTP technology

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    A lightweight Moisturizer combining Multiple Targeted Peptide technology with a plethora of Antioxidants, Minerals, Polysaccharides, & Amino Acids, in a nutritive moisture retaining base of Sea Kelp  Bioferment. Formulated to Boost Protection, aid in Repair & Inflammation, & optimize your Natural Moisture Factors.


    Apply after ????MSC AMPLIFY.

    Use AM and/or PM

    Always use sunblock.


    Paraben. Fragrance. Cell. Cruelty FREE

  • NowMi Pro Sonic Cleanser/Oxygenator with FREE hMSC Trial Serum

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare

    Daily  Sonic Silicone Cleanser on one side

    Weekly Oxygenation CO2 Vitamin C Effervescent Infusion on the other side.


    Throughout the treatment, the NowMi Pro device emits 6,000 sonic  pulsations per minute. This sound energy significantly enhances the treatment’s effectiveness and boosts each one of its actions.


    Provides: Daily Cleansing

    1. Skin Exfoliation

    2. Nourishment

    3. Oxygenation, Micro Circulation from within the skin (Bohr Effect)

    4. Protection

  • NowMi Pro Refill Kit

    Sold By: hMSC Skincare
    • How it works:

      Brought to you by the Inventor of TriPollar®, LHE®, Thermicon®, TriLipo® TriFractional®, OxyGeneo®


      The at home NowMi facial treatments are performed with the effervescent tablet which contains Vitamin C and lubricant gel that contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. When Vitamin C comes in contact with Hyaluronic Acid on the skin it produces Co2 Bubbles. It is those Co2 Bubbles that induce the body to send oxygen-rich blood to the surface, this is called oxygenation, (via Bohr Effect), which maximizes the absorption of nutrients & micro circulation.


      After just 5-10 minutes of your weekly NowMi Pro facial you will see immediate results: Glowing, Revitalized, and Firm Skin, Tightened Pores, and Even Skin Tone and Texture.


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