Rion Aesthetics

Rion Aesthetics is a regenerative aesthetics company, founded in Rochester, Minnesota, pioneering the use of platelet-derived exosome technology in investigational studies for hair restoration and facial wrinkles.

Backed by over 15 years of visionary science, we aim to transform the regenerative aesthetic market to bring beauty from within. 

Our passion for aesthetics, and core value of helping people achieve their aesthetic goals is reflected in our robust product portfolio and pipeline. We have investigational studies currently underway for hair restoration and facial wrinkles for potential FDA indications. 

From this investigational research, we also discovered the benefits of platelet extract on skin health. Through the launch of (plated)™ Skin Science, we will transform the skincare market using our revolutionary Renewosome™ technology from platelet-extract to help rejuvenate the skin.

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