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Aurolife is part of a group of companies that has a long history of excelling in generic pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing, and marketing. The support and expertise of our parent organization has given Aurolife a jump start in building a solid pharmaceutical portfolio very quickly. The Aurolife family consists of an experienced management team with expertise in Manufacturing, R&D, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Finance, and Regulatory Affairs.

Aurolife has 100,000 square feet oral solid dosage USDFA approved cGMP manufacturing facility which is currently going through renovation.  To increase our manufacturing footprint, we have constructed an extension to the existing facility with latest state-of-art technology. The facility is scheduled to re-open on June 2023.

Aurolife is a 100% owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc (APUSA) and is part of strong Aurobindo group of companies. Aurobindo Pharma USA has an excellent marketing network in the US and has recorded a rapid pace of growth. The group’s flag ship company, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd (APL), is an Indian based, multinational company, with headquarters in Hyderabad, India. APL is an established leader in pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, formulations, and bulk production. APL markets its products across 100+ countries. Aurolife is exclusively created to address the US pharmaceutical manufacturing needs and to address market opportunities.

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