Aesthetic Practice Solutions

Aesthetic Practice Solutions (APS) develops products to help aesthetic practices improve their efficiency, profitability, safety, and patient experience.  ​The BRIVO® line of products was developed by aesthetic professionals for aesthetic professionals.  

  • BRIVO Board

    Brivo Boards help increase efficiency for your injection treatment practice. Prepare the Brivo boards ahead of your patient appointments. The boards are designed with clips that securely hold up to 16 syringes. When a patient arrives, the injection plan is ready so you can efficiently deliver treatments and spend valuable time with your patients.


    The Brivo boards can be stacked with syringes clipped in and are designed to fit neatly inside small refrigerators.



    The patent pending BRIVO Boards are built and designed to last. Boards include semi-permanent clips that hold up to 16 syringes securely in place.

    We have a new clip design to make it easier to secure syringes your the bird. Clips will last for many years even under the harshest conditions and everyday use. Clips are designed to be removed if damaged. The clips hold the most common syringes used for neurotoxin injections (0.3mL insulin syringes and 1mL tuberculin syringes).

    Both dry and wet erase markers can be used on the boards. We recommend Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent Fine Point (0.4 mm or 0.6 mm) Markers

    Boards can be easily cleaned and wiped off using a dry/damp cloth, common household cleaners, and disinfectant/anti-bacterial wipes.

    Single Board Dimensions (with clips): W 10″ X H 12″ X D 1″ (Syringes not included)


    Please allow approximately 3 weeks for shipping and handling. At the moment, we are experiencing material delays from our suppliers. We are working to reduce this timeline.

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  • BRIVO 4-Syringe Holder

    Secure your syringes and reduce risk of contamination. A new patent-pending syringe holder that helps organize and securely holds 4 syringes of all sizes up to 1/2 inch diameter. Uncap syringes and set them in the cloud. Designed to securely hold but easily un-clip the syringe with one hand. Commonly used to hold 0.3 cc to 10 cc syringes. Holder size is 6.5″ x 2″ x 2″ and can be cleaned using anti-bacterial wipes and common cleaners.


    No more setting syringes on trays and napkins or using single syringe holders that could increase risk of contamination.


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  • Laminated Poster – 18″ x 24″

    High quality laminated poster (18″ x 24″) with detailed anatomy for educating and training others about facial anatomy relevant to aesthetics.  Dry erase surface to teach and educate others.

  • 10-Pack of Custom Anatomy BRIVO Boards (without syringe clips)

    These BRIVO Boards are meant for teaching, so these do not include clips for syringes. Perfect for trainers and classroom settings.



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